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OSOS (AMR | MDM) and Energy Monitoring

OSOS (AMR | MDM) and Energy Monitoring

Project-specific software solutions for automatic remote reading of energy measurement devices. For further information, feel free to contact us.

In classical meter reading or infrastructure control, an officer must go around one by one and send the data to the center and subscribers without making any mistakes. The reading/control process performed with this method causes long-term problems because of the risk of human error, cost, time and not being able to be intervened immediately.


Thanks to the developing technology, with the measuring devices and the network becoming “Smart”, SCADA, OSOS (Automatic Meter Reading System), AMR (Automatic/Advanced Meter Reading), AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), MDM (Meter Data Management), HES (Head End) System) concepts have become more well-known and indispensable systems by energy suppliers and manufacturers.


If we call the whole reading system as OSOS (AMR/AMI) in general, it is the transmission of data from the communication outputs of the measuring devices in the field to the headquarters via modems.

As for the details; some measurement devices that can transfer data from the field to OSOS;

  • Electricity Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Natural Gas Meters
  • Heat Allocators
  • Energy Analyzers etc.


Communication units that can be connected to the existing RS485 / 232 terminals on the measuring devices or used as internal (modular);

  • GSM / GPRS / 2G / 4G Modems
  • Ethernet Modems
  • RS485/232 Converters
  • RF Modules
  • Nb-IoT Devices
  • Lora Wan Modems
  • Data Concentrator / Logger
  • Pulse Output Devices
  • MBus Collectors etc.

Generally used communication protocols;

  • IEC 62056-21,
  • ModBus,
  • PLC (Power Line Communication),
  • M-Bus,
  • HART, etc.

By using the above mentioned protocols, communication with the communication units connected to the measuring device is generally possible in two different ways;


  • Transparent Communications

Sending inquiries directly to measurement devices by using communication units of automatic work orders or instant orders created in OSOS. The measuring devices transmit the data directly to the center via communication units without taking the query and making it wait.


  • Smart Communications

The communication unit connected to the measuring device must first have the correct driver to read the device it is connected to. Work orders or instant orders created in OSOS go to the communication device, the communication device queues the query, sends it to the measurement device, when it receives the answer, it keeps it in its temporary memory and sends the data to the center according to its own configuration. This sequence of operations may vary in “Smart” communication units, but this is the general structure.


Both are frequently used in systems, the determinant here is the wishes of the end user and the general structure of the system.


Data available;

  • Production – Consumption information
  • Load profile data
  • Energy quality information
  • Instant usage values (Current, voltage, phase angles, pressure, temperature…)
  • event logs
  • Fault information
  • Loss – leakage – response information
  • Geolocation information

Usage areas;

  • Production, consumption, load profile etc. for billing. receive data remotely
  • Sharing the received data with subscriber management, accounting software for billing purposes
  • Sharing duties to field teams and work order software for intervention due to malfunctions, loss-leakage, etc.
  • Data sharing and comparison with SCADA
  • Creating detailed reports for production – consumption and other values
  • "Forecast" modules for production - consumption and other values
  • Ability to remotely open, cut and control measurement and communication units
  • Data sharing with mobile devices
  • Data sharing with public institutions (EPİAŞ, OSF Forms etc.)
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